Course Description

The Start
The course starts at the base of a relatively small hill, but don't take it lightly. It is very early in the race and you don't want to use a lot of energy too soon. It is better to start slower than your normal pace, you can "make up" the seconds later in the race, when you will be stronger.

Riverside Avenue
The first half-mile of the course is run along Riverside Avenue. Enjoy the view of the Toms River as you settle into your pace.

Tudor Avenue and Admiral's Circle - Mile Marker 1
As you turn away from the river, you will run down the quiet streets of Pine Beach. The first mile marker, and digital clock, are located as you round Admirals Circle. Check your pace and adjust accordingly.

Pennsylvania Avenue
Pennsylvania Avenue is a long (approximately one mile) flat stretch of the course. There is not a lot of shade on this stretch, so the water stop is a welcome site on a hot day. Make sure you thank the many volunteers.

Mile Marker 2
As you approach Pine Beach Elementary School on Pennsylvania Avenue, you will pass the second mile marker. A digital clock will let you know your time. Now is the time to start thinking about your PR.

Motor Road
As you turn off of Prospect Avenue, you will be on Motor Road heading back towards the river. Enjoy this slight downhill, which lasts about a quarter-mile. Now is a good time to pick up you pace slightly, but don't start your kick yet, there is still a lot of race left. The second waterstop is on Motor Road, so again make sure you are well hydrated. If you wait until you are thirsty to drink water, it is too late.

Riverside Avenue - Mile 3
With about a half-mile to the finish line, you will be running along the river once again, but this section of Riverside Avenue has two small hills to think about. The view of the Toms River is nice, but you might not enjoy it as much as the view you had in the first half-mile.

The Finish
As you see Vista Park on the hill, you are close to the finish line. You will receive a warm welcome from the crowd and the volunteers. Make sure you smile as you cross the finish line, you never know who will be taking your photos! Follow the instructions from the race staff as you proceed through the chutes, and make sure you head for the water table. More volunteers will make sure you are well hydrated after your run. Head over to the Vista Park field for some pasta, fruit, water, awards and much, much more.

Pine Beach 5K And One Mile Riverside Run