Ocean Running Club
2008 Winter Series

Starting Times
Races will begin at 11am (racewalkers will begin at 10:45), each Sunday from January 27th through February 24th.

Ocean County Park, Lakewood

From Garden State Parkway southbound, exit 91 (Route 549/Lanes Mill Road) south to Route 88, then west on Rt. 88 about 2 miles to park entrance on right.
Northbound, exit 90 (Route 549/Chambers Bridge Road to jughandle for U-turn; north about 1/2 mile to Route 88, then west on Rt. 88 about 2 miles to park entrance on right.

Registration will be held each Sunday before the race, starting at 10am. The registration table will be at the beach pavilion. Fees: $6.00 per race ($5.00 ORC Members).

Weekly Awards
Awards will be given each week to the top 3 overall, 1st in age groups, 1st walker and 1st master walker. Run 4 of the 5 races and receive a great shirt.

Bad Weather
In case of bad weather, please listen to WOBM (92.7 FM), check the website for updates or call 732-831-1016.
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Week 1 : January 27, 2008
Male results
1st placeDave DeMonico  21:10
2nd placeMark Mellea  23:40
3rd placeChris Marco  25:22
1st place age group winners are:
14 & underJared Cittadino27:07
20-29Edward Carroll30:54
30-39Tim Multon29:21
40-44Mike Smith32:01
45-49Jeff Gero27:42
50-54Mark Catalano27:59
55-59Tony Plaster27:29
60-69John Kuhi31:31
70-79Dick Hill30:30
80 and upVolker Veeder50:55
Male racewalker results
1st placeJohn Fredericks 36:15
1st place mastersFrank Mirarchi 30:16
Female results
1st placeLauren Rhatigan25:48
2nd placeColeen Clancy31:21
3rd placeLisa Wilhelm31:28
1st place age group winners are:
14 & underMeg Larsen29:11
30-39Torri Romanowski46:27
40-44Dr. Liz36:29
45-49Marybeth Kietz29:56
50-54Barb Catalano31:05
55-59Barbara Johnson39:19
55-59Marylin Ryder36:30
Racewalker Results
1st placeDeana MaClean Roberts 42:42
1st place masters  Fran Emanuel 43:05

Week 2 : February 3, 2008
Male results
1st placeDave DeMonico  21:41
2nd placeMark Mellea  23:22
3rd placeChris Marco  24:59
1st place age group winners are:
14 & underJared Cittadino27:00
15-19Evan Cornell25:36
20-29Edward Carroll30:17
30-39Robert Salt25:11
40-44Dave Pettit29:39
45-49Jeff Gero26:51
50-54Mark Catalano27:14
55-59Al Salas31:11
60-69John Kuhi30:41
70-79Art Hoenig45:31
80 and upVolker Veeder54:35
Male racewalker results
1st placeJohn Fredericks 37:22
1st place mastersFrank Mirarchi 47:55
Female results
1st placeLauren Rhatigan25:00
2nd placeShannon Mcquinn29:13
3rd placeMary Beth Kretz30:07
1st place age group winners are:
14 & underCassie Scala35:55
15-19Edith Giborson48:47
20-29Terri Romanowski46:07
30-39Debbie Moore31:44
40-44Lisa Wilhelm30:44
45-49Joyce Harran35:42
50-54Anne Pasciuto34:45
55-59Sandy Rinderer34:20
60-69Sandra Risley51:46
Racewalker Results
1st placeDeana MaClean Roberts 42:20
1st place masters  Fran Emanuel 52:02

Week 3 : February 10, 2008
Couples Valentines Race results
1st placeJessica Fonseca & Daniel Gaspar  25:15
2nd placeVanessa Silva & Miguel Datorre  26:54
3rd placeDebbie Moore & Patrick Asay  28:48
4th placeBarbara Catalano & Mark Catalano  28:51
5th placeJoana Marques & Joshua Martins  29:06
6th placeLiliana Tavares & Marcus Dias  29:56
7th placeKrystal Nieves & Andrew Nieves  32:33
Male results
1st placePedro Espinosa  20:57
2nd placeDave Demonico  21:32
3rd placeBrad Schepise  22:04
1st place age group winners are:
14 & underChris Marco25:14
15-19Evan Cornell26:05
20-29Edward Carroll30:55
30-39Raymond Morales23:55
40-44William Armondo27:05
45-49Mark Mellea23:25
50-54John Taylor26:03
55-59Victor Martinez38:01
60-69David Duff28:50
70-79Art Hoenig43:09
80 and upVolkert Veeder48:13
Male racewalker results
1st placeRon Salvio  
1st place mastersBen Ottmer  
Female results
1st placeMegan Larsen28:31
2nd placeSusan Walsh28:57
3rd placeAmanda Scibetta28:58
14 & underRachel Weinbeiger31:18
15-19Edith Giberson41:47
20-29Melissa Salas36:51
30-39Shannon McGinn29:22
40-44Melanie Flavin32:47
45-49Marybeth Kretz29:39
50-54Anne Pascruto33:47
55-59Barbara Johnson39:04
60-69Sandra Risley46:12
Racewalker Results
1st placeFran Emanuel 44:04
1st place masters  Deana Maclean Roberts 44:23

Week 4 : February 17, 2008
Male results
1st placePedro Espinosa  21:00
2nd placeAlex Wright  21:35
3rd placeHvan Tran  21:58
1st place age group winners are:
14 & underChris Marco27:00
15-19Steven Chick22:01
20-29John Mucina22:21
30-39Philip Lozada24:11
40-44Bob Cavallo25:27
45-49Mark Mellea23:21
50-54Mark Catalano27:36
55-59Al Salaa32:06
60-69Hector Roche28:44
70-79John Leonard28:59
80 and upVolkert Veeder 
Male racewalker results
1st placeBen Ottmer  
1st place mastersRay Robinson  
Female results
1st placeAmanda Scibetta27:52
2nd placeBrooke Stanley28:18
3rd placeLeslie Feola29:03
14 & underMeg Larsen29:29
15-19Sophia Chick29:20
20-29Melissa Salas36:56
30-39Shannon McGinn29:40
40-44Holly Dobrowolski31:37
45-49Marybeth Kretz29:35
50-54Barbara Catalano31:02
55-59Barbara Johnson38:44
60-69Marylyn Ryder36:57
Racewalker Results
1st placeFran Emanuel  
1st place masters  Deana Maclean Roberts  

Week 5 : February 24, 2008
Male results
1st placePedro Espinosa  20:58
2nd placeDave Demonico  21:16
3rd placeBrad Schepise  21:55
1st place age group winners are:
14 & underChris Marco27:23
15-19Chris Harvey24:55
20-29John Mucina22:14
30-39Philip Lozada23:58
40-44William Aromando27:48
45-49Kenneth Vercammen24:52
55-59Fran Bell32:50
60-69R. Cormier27:44
70-79Ralph Garfield28:44
80 and upVolkert Veeder 
Female results
1st placeStephanie Zottoli24:41
2nd placeKaren Charles24:49
3rd placeMeg Larsen27:45
14 & underRachel Weinberger29:25
15-19Leslie Feola28:04
20-29Terri Romanowski34:50
30-39Debbie Moore29:43
40-44Holly Dobrowolski31:19
45-49Marybeth Kretz29:28
50-54Barbara Catalano30:30
55-59Judy McCarthy46:24
60-69Marylyn Ryder36:30

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