Ocean Running Club
2017 Summer Series

Winding River Park, Toms River

The 5K course is flat and fast, tree-lined macadam through Winding River Park.

Series Dates
The Summer Series will be run each Tuesday from June 27th to July 18th.
Note : There will not be a race on July 4th.

Starting Times
The 5K run will begin at 6:45pm.
The 5K racewalk will begin at 6:40pm.
One Mile and 1/2 Mile Run will begin at 6:30pm.

From Garden State Parkway: Garden State Pkwy to Rt-37 West (Lakehurst) exit 82A. West on Rt-37 1 mile to Oak Ridge Parkway (2nd traffic light). North (right) on Oak Ridge 2 miles to Whitesville Rd. East (right) on Whitesville (right hand turn goes into Winding River Park).

Registration will be held before each race, starting at 6:15. The registration table will be at the pavilion near the parking lot.

5K Run and Racewalk : $6 for Ocean Running Club members, $7 for non-members.
One Mile Run : $2
1/2 Mile Run : $1

Weekly awards to top 3 overall M/F and 1st in each age group. Also, 1st overall racewalker M/F and first master M/F racewalker.

Other Info
July 18th series wrap-up party, including pasta, cold drinks, and raffles. For more information, check out the Printable ORC Summer Series Flyer or contact Pat at patrunning1@gmail.com.

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Week 1 : June 27, 2017

Complete Week 1 Results.

Male results
1st placeChristian Rivera  
2nd placeTom Petrykiewciz  
3rd placePatrick Pietrefess  
Age group winners:
14 & underJackson French  
15-19Dylan Raisch  
20-29Kevin Lally  
30-39Sean Cahill  
45-49Chester Berghout  
55-59Jim Welshman  
60-69David Duff  
Female results
1st placeRobin Gialanella  
2nd placeTamara Hernandz  
3rd placeBethanie Adams  
Age group winners:
14 & underVenisse Man?  
15-19Erin Williams  
20-29Erin Gottesman  
30-39Kate Mazza  
40-44Laura Seylaz  
45-49Lori Ditzel  
50-54Heather R. Galloso  
55-59Linda Aznar  
Male racewalker results
1st placeRon Salvio  
1st masterBen Ottmer  
Female racewalker results
1st placeDorit Attias  
1st masterDonna Pantaleon  

Week 2 : July 11, 2017

Complete Week 2 Results.

Male results
1st placeNoah Jacobs 16:42
2nd placeWillaim Rapsas 17:20
3rd placeKyle Sarno 18:27
Age group winners:
14 & under   Adam Anderson     24:15
15-19Bernie Bogus 18:45
20-29Ryan Lorbley 22:43
30-39Tom Petrykiewicz 21:40
40-44Peter Foytlin 20:49
45-49Scott Sarno 19:47
50-54Steven Chenal 30:21
55-59Joe Michelini 22:03
60-69Manolo Teijelo 24:09
Female results
1st placeAbby Gauthier 19:44
2nd placeSarah Smith 19:55
3rd placeLillian Sarno 22:56
Age group winners:
14 & underSophia Stoneham 34:46
30-34Bethanie Adams 24:47
35-39Robin Gialanella 23:06
40-44Tamara Hernandez 23:11
55-59Anna DiCarlo 32:43
Male racewalker results
1st placeBen Ottmer 43:05
Female racewalker results
1st placeDonna Pantaleon 41:09

Week 3 : July 18, 2017

Complete Week 3 Results.

Male results
1st placeNoah Jacobs 16:21
2nd placeWilliam Rapsas 16:36
3rd placeKyle Sarno 18:33
Age group winners:
14 & under   Braeden McClare 25:20
15-19Gunnar Pearson 19:08
20-29Brett Michelini 21:05
30-39Tom Petrykiewicz 20:58
40-44Peter Foytlin 21:16
45-49Scott Sarno 19:38
50-54Steve Chenal 28:59
55-59Joe Michelini 22:05
60-69Manolo Teijelo 23:57
Female results
1st placeTaylor Guthrie 21:24
2nd placeLillian Sarno 22:42
3rd placeTamare Hernandez 23:19
Age group winners:
14 & underMackenzie O'Connor 23:41
30-34Elaine Dasti 24:59
35-39Robin Gialanella 23:49
40-44Ann Lupo 28:34
45-49Jen Berghout 26:22
50-54Patty Herflicker 27:07
55-59Anna DiCarlo 30:50
Male racewalker results
1st placeBen Ottmer 42:17
Female racewalker results
1st placeDorit Attias 35:13
1st masterDonna Pantaleon 38:35